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Customer: AstraZeneca

The challenge: Bipolar disorder is common but many people are not diagnosed or are diagnosed late in life after many years of great suffering for themselves, their families and friends. The need to disseminate adequate information about bipolar disorder is large, both in healthcare and in society.

The solution: By storytelling how different people in different ages and backgrounds have one thing in common and that is that you can stay healthy with bipolar disorder, thanks to the right medication and knowledge about their disease, can reduce the stigma of mental disorder in general and bipolar disorder in particular.

The results: The Swedish documentary "To stay healthy with bipolar disorder," is based on the stories from participants with different bipolar diagnosis. Common to them all is that it took a long time before getting the right diagnosis and treatment, despite contacts with doctors and psychologists. One of Sweden's leading specialist in psychiatry, Lars Häggström, helps to explain the underlying causes and what you can do to stay healthy.

The approach: Video production using Digital Video.