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Customer: GVA Consulting

The challenge: Winds of change are blowing hard in the marine and offshore industry and therefore it is important for GVA to position itself as a world-leading designer and provider of licensed technology for offshore, floating solutions to the oil and gas and renewable power markets.

The solution: We started with a feasibility study and could recognize weaknesses and strength in GVA. It is safe to say that GVA's provide a wide variety of engineering and technical services to owners, operators, and fabricators. And their owner KBR and other clients could vouch for their skills. So we built the script based on this prerequisites.

The results: We produced a script that was based on two presentation platforms. A general corporate presentation, based on customer interviews and the owner and an interactive CD-ROM that features all the different products. The shooting was carried out in Sweden, Korea, Norway and England.

The approach: A Video Program using Digital Video, LightWave 3D, Macromedia Director