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Being versatile is our strategic strength!

We describe our customer relationships as case studies in which our mission is often multimedia-based projects with different types of communication strategies. We would like to highlight projects such as interactive e-learning programs on health, safety, and environment (HSE) to a engineering company there we delivered a solution with both a comprehensive website and a video presentation.

Our business relationships have previously started with a powerful video presentation and have then evolved into more integrated communications to produce a website that ranks on Google’s top 10. Today, we offer all our services separately.

In our archives on YouTube, you can watch our video projects over the years.

We practice what we preach, therefore, we present some of our cases with a short video presentation.

Akzo Nobel

E-Learning in the Chemical Industry

Apply Emtunga

E-Learning in the Offshore Industry

Nordic Walking

Fitness with Nordic Walking


Overall Solution for Material Handling Company


Video Presentation of an Offshore Company


Design of an E-Commerce site


Overall Solution to an Engineering Company

Kafé vanilj

Responsive website for a coffee shop

hotell vanilla

Marketing of a hotel

Astra Zeneca

A patient information