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A improved website is visible on Google!

Do you need a website, a responsive website, or do you just want to improve yours to increase your visibility on the internet? Are your competitors ranked better than your website? How will you achieve successful, profitable and long-term visibility on the Internet?

The website is the face of the company
But many businesses do not see the Internet as a channel for communication. A better website use a design that is adapted to the search engines' standards in both design and content.

Today it’s also important that your website is adapted to all platforms, because Google has decided that it ranks only mobile-adapted pages when searching with mobile devices – as in smart phones and tablets - after April 21, 2015.

For most, it’s still a mystery how to rank high on various search engines, but for us it's simple. Our customers' websites are SEO optimized and are always visible in the top 5 ranking with an improved website from us!

Create an improved website
There are several factors that influence how good visibility, and thus positioning, you get among the top 5 on Google. First you need to create an improved website, one that truly reflects your business and is also relevant to the visitor.

Here there are no shortcuts. An Internet strategy, which also includes video on YouTube and other social media, is crucial if you want to achieve successful, profitable and long-term visibility on the Internet.

Our strategy for better website
With several years of experience in creating search engine friendly websites and SEO marketing, we can help our customers to get their websites highly ranked on Google.

A large study conducted by the company Webmarketing 123 shows that out of 500 marketing managers in B2B companies:
-54% considered that a website generates contacts (leads)
-52% considered that a website visible among the top 10 gets the best results
-28% considered that PPC (AdWords) create the most leads

We present our strategy for a better website in an infographics video. Here's a brief summary:

The first step is to gather information to figure out the purpose of the website, the goal of the website and the target audience.

How do we navigate, what’s the structure and what programming techniques should we use?

We don’t just look at the structure and the visual style, but also focus on usability to get the best possible experience for the visitor independent of any platform and that is by using responsive web design.

One of the most important steps in the process is to select the right content in the form of text, images and videoproduction - all optimized for both the visitor and search engines.

It’s only now we start building the website by using different programming techniques, style sheets, databases and other tools.

We validate the technical side, ensuring that it also works on the most common web browsers and that Google approves of the content.

The Launch
After the launch we work with social media, visitor statistics and if you wish we will help you with the maintenance and updating of the website.

To convince you of our experience, we have an offer regarding how you can get a better website. Contact us now for a quote!