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Interactive e-learning could save lives!

A major advantage of interactive e-learning is that it’s a tool that provides the ability to measure training effort. For example, you will receive a lot of data from the participant’s activities. You get unprecedented opportunities to evaluate training efforts, since it is always possible to see what level of skill the participants are at.

You need some quality assurance in education
Interactive e-learning with behavioral-based learning is teaching that our customers appreciate. And supervisors/teachers can get a good overview of how the student has completed the course. With stats such as time to implement of the session, or which questions students missed our or retried several times, you will be getting a good tool for quality assurance in education.

Our successful training concept
Visuell Kommunikation helps you create interactive e-learning presentations for any purpose. Together, we can set up a logical structure that is easy to navigate through and that delivers all the features and options you need. We also offer an interactive concept that you can easily update on your own.

We use only video programs and PDF as the media in our successful training concept. We have produced everything from the induction of new employees, to training for people who use different types of hazardous chemicals.

The concept of e-learning could save lives!
One example is the implementation of the HSE (health, safety, and environment) concept at various workplaces in the offshore industry.

Other areas include the management of chemicals in paper bleaching, and ethylene amines, the handling of hook lift and skip loaders, training when using lubricating oil, the handling of LPG, the training of horse riders, the management of medical equipment, and training on health coaching in Nordic walking.

Here are four good arguments for you to invest in interactive e-learning:

Availability – the availability of e-learning is great and you can conduct the training at any time during the day

Financial – the cost of travel, accommodation, teachers, and teaching materials decreases significantly

Time-efficient – it is easy to reach out to a broad group, and many people can do the training at the same time

Quality assurance - the knowledge level is measurable and is implemented by each student

If you want to know how much it will cost for an interactive training program? Please contact us!