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A QR Code is more than just some dots!

We have produced projects that use QR code. At a café, this was a code that links to different video programs to show how they cook in a homemade style and do their baking in the kitchen. At an engineering company, with the help of a QR code, they showed a menu of different video clips from their production. The codes are also available in both posters and brochures.

QR Code is versatile!
QR codes have been successfully used in Japan for decades without catching the rest of the world's interest. Today, QR codes are on a roll and markets such as the US and Europe will see them increase sharply as more smart phone users use QR code readers.

QR codes serve as a link between printed and digital media. They are therefore particularly useful in print ads and commercials, because they lead potential customers to the company’s website or to an e-commerce site where the product can be paid for via the code.

But, the most common case is that a QR code contains a web address (URL), and when the user scans the code, the web page loads up in their smart phone. The web page might be a campaign site that contains additional information about the offer contained in a newspaper, combined with coupon codes, registration forms, and so on.

QR codes can be also be used for lots of other things such as:

Visuell Kommunikation produces various smart solutions with QR codes that you can use in your marketing strategy. Here is an example of how the Modellteknik AB uses QR Code (this link is adapted for your smartphone).

Our QR code concept has a measurable effect and we can monitor every click and display on various media to quickly relate the budget to the investment. If you want to know how much it will cost for a QR code initiative? Please contact us!