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Motion Pictures

Expect energy, commitment, and creativity!

We are an innovative production company that creates video productions through smart storytelling and with successful outcome. Our strength lies in producing a target custom video production, whether you're communicating B2B or B2C. Creative height and quality applies to everything we produce in terms of both messages and experiences, and we have done it for over 30 years. You can see this in our archive on YouTube!

Company presentation
Does your company or organization need a presentation of your activities, products, and services? Then it may be a good idea to produce a video production that describes who you are, what you do, and what you can do. Experience of company presentation video is large, with over 200 completed projects!

Success stories - storytelling
Seeing and hearing a credible person tell you about a successful experience of your product or your brand is extremely valuable. For over 30 years, we have worked with customer success stories in our video productions.

Image and commercial videos
Image and commercial videos convey feelings. The story in these is often more thorough than a corporate video and has a more market-oriented idiom. We know how to do this!

Instructional film or e-learning
Many products and services are difficult to explain in words and pictures. With an e-learning program, you are able to increase the effectiveness of the learning process.

Infographic video and kinetic typography
Need to explain something in a simple way, such as a process, a service, or a concept? Using a infographics video or a kinetic typography is often the most engaging form of visual communication.

Online video
Online video is the fastest-growing ad format in the Swedish advertising market , together with mobile advertising. We will help you with your next online video campaign.

But there is more!
Producing a video is not enough unless it is distributed in the best way. For many, the internet is the first point of contact with your company, and with a good internet strategy included, your video productions will reinforce your message across different media platforms.

Are you not still convinced? Here is an animated infographic titled Why Video Drives Sales, which is full of useful ideas and statistics to support your business case to get started with video marketing. The fact is that the average visitor stays two minutes longer on your site if you have a video production. In addition, Google ranks your site higher if you have a video on YouTube that is linked to your website.

So ultimately, the aim is to convert viewers to customers, and we can do this, because our strength lies in:
- Understanding our clients' business
- Focusing on the customer's challenges
- Finding creativity in solutions
- Working to improve the efficiency of processes

Creativity is a key factor in our approach, but it's the result that counts. Our video productions have a measurable impact and we can monitor every click and display on various media to quickly relate the budget to the investment.

You’re in good hands
No matter what type of production you want or what budget you have, you can be sure you’re in good hands with Visuell Kommunikation. We will discuss your idea, outline, or script-based drama, objectives, and content, and help you to create a presentation that has an impact on your customers. And if you are interested, we can also talk about the technology we use.

We are proud that our strategic thinking has helped turn our customers’ ideas into success stories. We implement changes and better solutions, and have a proven track record of understanding our clients' business. So, how can we help you?